Act now with Lasik Eye Surgery Makeup

There may be a few of You out there that are more educated than others in regards to laser eye surgery. Some possible candidates might want an alternative to LASIK eye surgery, because of the horror stories that they may have heard so might want some advice on LASEK eye surgery instead. This report can help elucidate the differences between LASEK vs LASIK surgery. LASIK is a laser eye surgery where a flap of the outer eye is cut out with a blade called a microkeratome. In certain surgeries that you may have seen or heard about, it might look like a can opener, but this is only a circular blade. In a few other cases, a laser may be used for greater accuracy, but might lead to a somewhat more expensive procedure. This reshapes the eye so that light beams can concentrate on a single point on the retina, which leads to a clear, undistorted image.

In a Real LASIK Procedure, a kind of retainer like instrument is put onto the operated eye so as to hold the eyelids open. Afterwards, the surgeon squeezes some eye drops in, to numb the eyes ahead of the operation, to prevent the eyes from getting dry and to act as an antibiotic. The surgeon will then proceed to operate on the eye with the laser or blade, and then pull away the flap to use the laser on the interior layers of the eye. Then you will see flashing lights that ought to last about 1 minute. Following that, the surgeon will replace the flap back on the eye. Throughout the entire process, the surgeon is always rewetting your eye with the drops and smoothing the outer surface of the eye. Because numbing drops were instilled into your eye, you should not feel pain throughout the whole procedure. The most intense sensation you will ever feel is pressure in your eye once the surgeon is cutting the flap.

On the other hand, LASEK Laser Assisted Epithelial Keratomileusis can be a laser eye surgery quite similar to LASIK. It is truly a variation of PRK surgery, but in lieu of direct laser energy, a flap of the very outer layer of the eye, called the epithelium, is cut out. Prior to this, the eye surgeon will normally include numbing drops into your eyes, followed by placing from the retainer to hold your eyelids open. The surgeon would then proceed to cut open the corneal epithelium and include an alcohol solution to your eyes to be able to loosen the edges. Once it is sufficiently loosened, the eye surgeon will pull the flap back and the laser could then be fired to the eye, exactly like in LASIK surgery. Once this is completed, the surgeon would put in eye drops to rewet then eye, smoothen the eye and then substitute the epithelial flap back on the eye. In conclusion, the discussion of makeup after lasik comes down to whether you are entitled to LASIK surgery in the first location. This is because LASEK surgery has rather a lengthy recovery period, even longer than PRK, and frequently indicated as a second option when the individual is not eligible for LASIK eye surgery.