How much you know about supply chain management?

Nowadays, in the globalized market, companies are forced to generate new ideas to venture into the environment and obtain a competitive advantage. Due to this, the interest of the companies is focused on the management of the supply chain, creating value for the company and the client, focusing primarily on the satisfaction of the client’s expectations. Visit us for Supply Chain hong kong.

How do we create value through the supply chain?

-Making the life of the client easier, through improvements in the delivery service of a product, or by improving the waiting time of a service and its quality.

-Make the customer’s own problems, which will result in a shorter response time to the problem and will make us fulfill the promises made.

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-Provide more options, this we can do if we know well the wishes of the client and we limit ourselves to these desires, which will allow us to eliminate the costly and useless options.

-Involve the customer in the process of creating value.

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Good logistics is must

These points mentioned, make us understand that the creation of value is directly related to the customer, which is not possible without good logistics and optimal production processes, which is where the correct management of the supply chain takes part. possible everything mentioned above in a profitable manner and that generates benefits for the company.

Having a market advantage is having a relative profitability superior to the rivals in the industrial sector in which it competes, which has to be sustainable over time and this is achieved through the creation of value.